College Students Face Devastating Consequences

Even a minor error in judgment can have a disastrous impact on an education and a promising career. Facing the consequences in their educational, personal and professional lives, it is critical that college students — and their parents — seek the guidance of a skilled lawyer as soon in the process as possible.

I am Charleston attorney Adam Young, and I have five years of experience as a criminal prosecutor. This understanding of the criminal justice system gives me the insight necessary to counteract the prosecutor's tactics in the trial. Additionally, this insight — coupled with my understanding of university disciplinary boards — allows me to properly advise my clients regarding the process and the serious penalties they might be facing.

Discuss your case with me. I represent South Carolina college students in criminal cases and before college and university legal committees. Following a conviction, we can also discuss the possibility of sealing criminal records.

Educational Impact Of Criminal Conduct

Students face a range of consequences if they are convicted of a criminal offense. Penalties, such as jail time, fines and community service can dramatically impact an individual's future. However, even if the student is not found guilty in a criminal court, he or she might face an educational disciplinary board. The student might face consequences such as:

  • Suspension
  • Expulsion
  • Rehabilitative coursework
  • Reprimand in his or her permanent record

These severe consequences might also reach further into a young person's life impacting his or her ability to receive an advanced degree through post-graduate schooling. For even a minor infraction, it is imperative that you schedule a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your case. Please call 843-619-7755 or 866-626-3860 or reach my office by completing the convenient online contact form on this website.