Don't Let A Mistake Ruin Your Future

A study by the National Institutes of Health states that the human brain is not fully mature until age 25. This may explain why many teens and college students make poor choices without considering the effects on their immediate and long-term future. If you or your child has been arrested or charged with a crime, it is important to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible to mitigate the consequences.

At Young & Young, Attorneys at Law we have experience defending Charleston area college students against a full range of criminal charges and school offenses. After working as prosecutors, we understand the negative effect that a criminal record can have on a young person's future. Even a relatively minor offense such as underage drinking or shoplifting can result in a criminal record. Potential employers, landlords and volunteer organizations may turn down applicants with criminal records. Schools may also take action against students who are charged with crimes. A DUI/DWI conviction may result in a loss of scholarship or financial aid.

Discuss your case with us. We represent South Carolina college students in criminal cases and before college and university legal committees.

Students can be charged with any type of crime, but a few of the most common offenses include:

  • Underage drinking, minor in possession, public intoxication
  • Possession of a fake ID
  • Drug possession
  • Assault
  • Shoplifting and theft

We will investigate the case and work to get the charges reduced or dismissed, when possible. In addition, we will represent students at hearings before a college or university's legal committee or disciplinary board.

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