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What happens if you are caught with a fake ID?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2018 | College Student Defense |

As a college student under age 21, you may have used a fake ID to purchase alcohol or enter a club or bar. While this may seem like a common and not-so-serious issue, the truth is that if police catch you with a fake ID, you could face serious consequences.

If you are considering using a fake ID or if police have already caught you using one, you should know the risks you face and the possible penalties in Charleston, South Carolina.

High-tech ways to catch fake IDs

Phony IDs pose a real challenge to law enforcement. A study conducted in 2014 revealed that nearly two-thirds of 1,015 college students had used fake IDs to purchase alcohol. In the digital era, police are using increasingly sophisticated technology to detect counterfeit IDs, especially in places that are popular for Spring Break holidays. For example, there are now apps that police use to detect false IDs by scanning barcodes on the back of the IDs to check whether they are authentic or not. With increasing detection comes an increased risk of being caught and thus entering into the legal system.

Potential penalties and what to do

If the police have charged you with a crime, including using a fake ID, the first thing you should consider is your legal defense. That is because you could face consequences that could damage your future if you end up with a criminal record. Not only that, but you may also face disciplinary action by your school’s legal committee.

If you are a college student facing charges for using a fake ID or for other related crimes such as underage drinking or DUI/DWI, contact attorney Adam Young. He has experience working with South Carolina college students and can help you craft a strategic defense that takes your future into account.