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DUI & Personal Injuries On A Golf Cart In South Carolina

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2018 | DUI |

What are the requirements to drive a golf cart in South Carolina?

According to Section 56-2-105 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, if you are planning on driving your golf cart on public property, including neighborhood roads, you must register your golf cart and purchase a permit for it from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. Only a licensed driver over 16 years old can drive a golf cart and it can only be driven during daylight hours. Finally, most people do not realize that, when driving the golf cart, the driver must actually have in his or her possession: (1) the registration; (2) proof of liability insurance for the golf cart; and (3) a valid driver’s license.

What happens if my child gets into an accident on a golf cart and is injured or injures someone else?

Golf carts are often popular in many South Carolina neighborhoods, especially in the Lowcountry areas of Charleston, Beaufort, Hilton Head Island, and Bluffton. It may seem so innocent to let your child drive your golf cart down the street to a friend’s house. However, your neighborhood road is likely a public road and it is illegal for unlicensed drivers or children under 16 years of age to drive a golf cart. Therefore, everyone needs to be aware of the fact that, if your child is under the age of 16 years old and has an accident driving a golf cart in South Carolina, then the parents can be held civilly liable for negligent entrustment for any accident caused by their child. Additionally, the parents can be held criminally liable for child endangerment from an accident.

What should I do if myself or a loved one is injured by someone driving a golf cart?

Just like with any personal injury accident, make sure you call the police so that they can write a police report. Even if you do not think you are seriously injured, oftentimes pain and injuries from an accident become more apparent hours after the actual collision. You may also be required to have a police report to file a claim with your insurance company. Make sure photographs are taken at the scene and that you do not refuse to seek medical attention right away. Finally, make sure you consult an experienced personal injury attorney immediately after you are injured. At Young & Young, we make sure to use our experience to protect your rights-this includes making sure valuable evidence is not destroyed, talking to police officers, speaking to insurance companies and medical professionals, and much more. It is imperative to seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer right away so that you can be fully compensated for your injuries.

Can I get arrested for drinking alcohol and driving my golf cart?

Yes; it is illegal to drink alcohol on a golf cart. You can still be charged with DUI while operating a golf cart. And, if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving your golf cart and injure someone in a wreck, you can be arrested for felony DUI resulting in great bodily injury or death. Likewise, you can also be charged for having an open container of alcohol in your golf cart just like you would in your car.

What should I do if I get arrested for DUI while driving my golf cart?

Remember: a golf cart is considered a motor vehicle under South Carolina law. If you get arrested for DUI or Felony DUI on a golf cart, then it is the same charge as if you were driving a motor vehicle. The penalties can be severe and life-changing. Therefore, you need experienced criminal defense lawyers like Young & Young that know the law and can fight for you. As a former judge and two former state prosecutors, we can use our experience to protect your rights. You can call our office 24/7 to set up a free consultation.