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On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | College Student Defense |

With sorority and fraternity rush coming up in the next few weeks and college beginning shortly thereafter, college students at the College of Charleston and other South Carolina universities need to know that law enforcement is cracking down on “Greek life” and “College life” in general. In other words, police presence has increased in most college towns and therefore students may find themselves more likely to need a college student defense lawyer. When a college student is charged with a crime, he or she oftentimes will face criminal proceedings as well as disciplinary or administrative hearings at the college or university.

The Consequences From Criminal Convictions Can Be Severe For College Students

Although a criminal conviction can be devastating for anyone, the consequences for college students can be even more severe. In addition to a criminal record, college students face the risk of being suspended or expelled from college. College students with criminal records are also at a huge disadvantage when seeking employment during and after college as well as having trouble getting into any post-graduate education programs. The most common college student criminal defense cases include:

· Underage Drinking or minor in possession

· Open container

· Fake IDs and other driver’s license issues

· Disorderly Conduct

· Public Intoxication

· Drug possession or distribution


You Need Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers For College Administrative Hearings

When facing a criminal charge, oftentimes students face a range of consequences from the college or university as well. At the disciplinary or administrative hearing held by the college or university, students can be suspended, placed on probation, expelled or given some other sort of sanction. Oftentimes, college students are required to respond to these hearings while the criminal charge is still pending. This creates a huge issue of the college student’s constitutional right to remain silent while at the same time making sure to comply with the requirements of the college or university. With so much at stake, college students need an experienced criminal defense lawyer that knows how to use their skills and experience to handle both criminal and disciplinary hearings and ultimately minimize the negative consequences stemming from an arrest.

You Need Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers That Know How To Protect College Students’ Rights

At Young & Young, Attorneys at Law, we have always strongly supported Greek life and College life at the College of Charleston and any other college or university in South Carolina. Both law partners at Young & Young devote a significant part of their law practice to university and college student criminal defense. This includes assistance at administrative or disciplinary proceedings as well. A criminal charge can be devastating to a college student’s career if not handled correctly. Call Young & Young, Attorneys at Law for your free consultation today.