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False Accusations & College Student Defense

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2019 | College Student Defense |

We are seeing more and more colleges and universities looking into college student conduct violations, including other more serious violations such as sexual assault and assault and battery. Each college or university has its own code of student conduct which students are expected to adhere to. The code of conduct, in most colleges and universities, is extremely long and can become complex when it comes to navigating school hearings.

A college student can face a school hearing for many reasons. In fact, in many of the cases Young & Young has helped defend, the college or university has investigated a mere allegation even if it has been determined by trained police officers that there is not probable cause to charge the college student with a criminal offense. In other words, almost all college or university school hearings require a significantly lower standard of proof than in a regular criminal case. A student could be given severe consequences such as suspension, expulsion, or a reprimand that goes on the student’s permanent record with little to no proof that a violation has occurred.

These penalties can have lasting effects on a student’s life after college as well if not handled properly. Even a minor infraction could impact a student’s ability to receive an advanced degree in postgraduate schooling or be the unwanted main subject of conversation during a job interview.

Many students and their families have risked so much to even attend college in the first place. One minor mistake should not ruin a student’s future. With the risks being so high, it is imperative to discuss the specific facts of your case with experienced criminal defense attorneys. At Young & Young, Attorneys at Law, we have successfully defended countless false accusations at colleges and universities. Please call us today for a free consultation at 843-619-7755