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What Should I Do If I Am Injured By A Drunk Driver In South Carolina?

On Behalf of | May 19, 2022 | Car Accident, DUI Injury, Injuries |

Being injured in an auto accident due to a driver who is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is traumatic and can be life changing. If you have been injured due to a drunk driver, here are three tips to remember to protect your rights:

  • Call the police immediately.  Make sure a police report is taken and proper police work is conducted in investigating the driver being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  If the other driver is charged with driving under the influence, he or she will face criminal court proceedings.  The criminal case will not help you get the full and fair compensation you deserve for your injuries and suffering.
  • Do not refuse to be transported by EMS to the Emergency Room.  Emotions are at an extreme high after an auto accident.  This means that you may not realize the extent of your injuries because of your adrenaline.  It is always a good idea to get checked out for your injuries immediately.
  • Call an experienced personal injury attorney immediately after being injured in a car accident to ensure that you have the best chance to recover maximum damages, including punitive damages in some DUI injury cases. In addition, an experienced attorney will be able to tell you if you are eligible to seek damages elsewhere.  For example, while South Carolina does not specifically have a Dram Shop or Social Host Liability statute, the courts have allowed personal injury victims to seek compensation from bars and other establishments and persons that oversee alcohol to drivers.

At Young & Young, we are former prosecutors and a former judge who are always prepared, if necessary, to take your case to trial to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. With years handling personal injury cases, we understand how to vigorously negotiate with the insurance company and present your case in a favorable light to increase your compensation.  We understand that being injured by a drunk driver can be a life changing experience for you or your loved one and that is why we will give our clients our cell phone numbers and make sure that we are available to you 24/7 to answer any questions about your case.