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Major impacts of criminal charges for college students

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2024 | College Student Defense |

College students are held to specific standards by the school they’re attending. Some are also bound by conduct standards for scholarships. Being subject to a criminal charge, especially if it leads to a conviction, can inspire significant issues for them.

There are several impacts that college students must think about if they’re facing criminal charges and wondering how best to address the situation.

Admission and enrollment

A criminal charge may prevent individuals from being able to begin an academic career. Some institutions conduct a background check and will automatically reject applicants with certain convictions. This might not be an issue for a person who’s already enrolled in college, but it can cause issues for those who aren’t and those who want to pursue a master’s or doctorate.

Student housing and employment

Some criminal charges may bar a person from being able to live or work on campus. This can alter the college experience because a person would have to live off-campus and find employment on their own.

Financial aid

Obtaining financial aid may become more complicated with a criminal charge or conviction. While not all charges will automatically disqualify you from receiving aid, they can make you less appealing to some lenders. The type of charge and its relevance to financial trustworthiness can affect this aspect significantly.

Reputational impact

Students often count on their reputation to be able to fully experience college. They may need specific extracurricular activities, clubs or sports. Certain convictions can limit those options. It may also make faculty members wary to give letters of recommendation.

Disciplinary actions

Criminal charges can often invoke a disciplinary process with a school. This is an independent process that can lead to disciplinary measures, including expulsion, suspension or others. These typically hinge on the investigation and information presented to the college and isn’t impacted by the outcome of the criminal case.

Any college student who’s facing a criminal charge should ensure they understand their defense options. Working with a legal representative who can explain these options and mitigate any potential penalties can be beneficial for students who want to protect their college experience and potential future career opportunities.