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What impact can a domestic violence conviction have on my rights?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2024 | Domestic Violence |

Those involved in a physical confrontation with another person could end up accused of violating state law. South Carolina makes it a crime to assault another person, and certain scenarios may even lead to specialized charges. For example, allegations of domestic violence are different than claims of assault involving a stranger or social acquaintance. Domestic violence typically involves another party who is a member of someone’s family, someone who lives in the same home as them or someone with whom they have had a romantic relationship.

Many people accused of domestic violence find the idea of going to trial distasteful. They worry that criminal proceedings might draw attention and lead to harsher penalties. However, even a guilty plea leaves someone at the mercy of a judge for purposes of sentencing. A domestic violence conviction can lead to many serious consequences.

Domestic violence can affect family law matters

Someone convicted of a domestic violence offense could very well find that the charges against them have a long-term negative effect on their parental rights. In general, adults in South Carolina have the right to pursue shared custody when they divorce or separate from the other parent of their children.

However, one of the scenarios in which the courts may restrict a parent’s rights and access to their children involves a history of domestic violence. The courts could require that a parent with a history of domestic violence undergo special counseling. They might also limit them to supervised visitation or grant the other parent sole custody of the children. Defending against domestic violence charges helps limit the impact that accusations could have on someone’s parental rights in future family law matters.

Convictions can change someone’s daily life

A domestic violence conviction may turn up whenever potential landlords and employers perform background checks. People may have a harder time obtaining competitive jobs or desirable housing because of their prior convictions. A domestic violence conviction could also affect someone’s eligibility for certain professional licensing. In fact, domestic violence convictions can affect someone’s Second Amendment rights, preventing them from continuing a career in the military or law enforcement.

It is only by defending against such charges that those accused of domestic violence can avoid lasting consequences. Understanding the risks of pleading guilty, including future legal and career challenges, could help people find the courage to fight their charges in court.