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A DUI is the worst possible souvenir of a Charleston trip

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2024 | DUI |

People come to Charleston for many different reasons. Some adults have to travel for work. Others may come with their families for historical tours, entertainment opportunities and excellent meals. People who travel for pleasure often bring home souvenirs to remind themselves of their trips. Even those traveling for business sometimes bring trinkets home for their family members.

Unfortunately, some visitors to the Charleston area end up with a souvenir that no one wants to receive. They get pulled over by a police officer who accuses them of a driving under the influence (DUI) offense. They end up arrested and facing charges despite living in another state.

What happens to out-of-state visitors accused of drunk driving in North Carolina?

Defendants need to avoid the most common mistake

Defendants accused of a DUI often fail to properly assert themselves, especially when mounting a defense may seem inconvenient. It is surprisingly common for those accused of impaired driving to give up almost immediately and plead guilty. Particularly when they live elsewhere, motorists might assume that they are not in a position to defend against impaired driving allegations. Their guilty plea leaves them at the mercy of the courts. A judge might sentence them to probation or incarceration. There could be financial penalties and even a driver’s license suspension which could impact their options back home.

Defendants need local help

Impaired driving laws are similar from one state to another, but statutes and common practices in court are different in every jurisdiction. People sometimes make the mistake of consulting with a lawyer back home when what they need is an attorney in the Charleston, South Carolina area who understands the local courts. An attorney can be present in court on behalf of a client, eliminating the need to return to South Carolina if the charges they face are misdemeanor offenses. Lawyers can also help someone evaluate their situation to determine what options they may have available.

Having the right support when responding to a DUI charge can make all the difference for a defendant. Out-of-state visitors need support if they hope to reduce the impact of a DUI charge that has been levied while they were traveling in South Carolina.