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You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney Who knows How To Challenge Breath And Field Sobriety Test Results

Failing a breath test does not necessarily mean you will be convicted of DUI/DWI. Before you assume that your case is hopeless, speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

As former prosecutors, the criminal defense attorneys of Young & Young, Attorneys at Law, understand both sides of DUI/DWI cases. After years of prosecuting cases for South Carolina, we have seen enough fact patterns and cases to quickly analyze whether the state has a good case. We will examine the breath test and standardized field sobriety tests you were given to determine if the results are admissible. If they are not, we will argue for the evidence to be suppressed. This may lead to reduction or dismissal of the charges.

Are The Test Results Admissible?

In South Carolina, arrests, field sobriety tests and Breathalyzer tests are supposed to be videotaped. If they were not or the recording is too poor to view, we can argue that your rights were violated.

When we are able to view arrest tapes, we will determine whether police followed proper procedure at all stages of the arrest and testing. Did the officer correctly use his or her observations of your driving and behavior? Were the standardized field sobriety tests administered correctly and under good conditions?

If you are arrested, you will be asked to take a breath test at the police station. We will examine this part of the tape, as well as the results of the test. It is important to see whether the officer followed protocol when administering the test. We may also examine the breath test machine’s calibration or maintenance history and any factors that may have affected the results.

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