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Criminal Defense Lawyer Handling False Allegations Of Domestic Violence

Why would a man or woman falsely accuse his or her spouse, partner or other relation of domestic violence? In our experience as Charleston criminal defense lawyers, false accusations of domestic violence are often intertwined with other familial problems and stem from one person wanting to gain control over a situation. For example, a wife may accuse her husband of hitting her in an effort to leverage a child custody determination in a divorce in her favor.

At Young & Young, Attorneys at Law, we have extensive knowledge regarding the defense of people facing violent criminal charges. As former prosecutors in the 9th Circuit Solicitor’s Office and now as South Carolina criminal defense attorneys, we have gathered significant real-world experience with successful methods for resolving serious criminal allegations. To schedule your free consultation, do not hesitate to call 843-619-7755.

Trusted Legal Advice When Your Reputation Is On The Line

When one person accuses another person of domestic violence — even if the allegations are entirely false — the accused person may be issued an order of protection against him or her. The order of protection results in that individual being forced to stay away from the family home, the alleged victim and their shared children.

False accusations of domestic violence can rip families apart. You need a criminal defense lawyer who can help fight the false allegations and hold your family and your life together as much as possible. You can trust us to handle all elements of your defense, from defending you against criminal domestic violence (CDV) charges to representing you at an order of protection hearing and helping to clear your good name.

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