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We Help Clients Who Are Issued Orders Of Protection

An experienced criminal defense attorney can play a critical role in protecting your rights when a restraining order, also called an order of protection, has been issued against you. At Young & Young, Attorneys at Law, our Charleston criminal defense attorneys can take immediate action to protect your rights in emergency and nonemergency orders of protection hearings.

We have vast experience handling violent crimes cases, both as prosecutors in the 9th Circuit Solicitor’s Office and now as criminal defense lawyers helping clients in South Carolina. We both prosecuted violent crime cases and gained extensive insight into how domestic violence cases along with orders of protection hearings are handled. Schedule a free consultation at Young & Young, Attorneys at Law, by calling 843-619-7755.

A Protective Order Forbids You From Seeing The Other Person And Much More

Protective orders can be issued in many types of relationships — marriages, dating relationships, people who are not married but share children, ex-relationships and many more. As a legal document, a protective order can force you to:

  • Stay a certain distance away from the person who filed the order against you
  • Stay a certain distance away from your shared children
  • Stay away from places and establishments that the accuser may frequent
  • Refrain from contacting the person who filed the order against you

Violation Of Protective Order

You can face enhanced penalties for violating a restraining order. For example, a “no contact” order means that you cannot have contact with the other person. You must comply with the court’s order to have no contact, even if the alleged victim would like to have contact with you. Violating the terms of the order can have serious consequences that a criminal defense attorney can help you mitigate.

Whether you need representation at an order of protection hearing or are focused on defending yourself against false allegations of domestic violence, you can turn to our South Carolina law firm for trusted and effective guidance.

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If you are being prevented from seeing your children or being in your own home due to an order of protection, do not hesitate to call Young & Young, Attorneys at Law, for a free consultation to learn your rights and options. we can be reached in Charleston at 843-619-7755. You can also contact us online.